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Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999

Due to government regulations, Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. has implemented this Privacy Act Statement. This statement will be available here, on our Website, as well as in our office for viewing any time we are open.

Privacy Statement

The information Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. obtains from our clients is used solely for the benefit of our clients and not divulged to anyone.

We do not sell, rent or lease your information and use it exclusively to provide proper and adequate care for your pet.

Only staff hired by Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. has access to this information, currently, and in the foreseeable future, four persons have access to your information.

Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. keeps this information until it is no longer valid, (six-months to one year from your last visit), and then will shred and dispose of it in a public trash bin.

Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. does not require to keep on file your credit card number or any banking or financial records. We keep only the copy of transactions which go through the debit/credit card machine for the purpose of confirming payment or verification of a transaction in the event of a dispute regarding such transaction. These are safe guarded off site, and will be disposed of (shredded & placed in a public trash bin) with other records when they are no longer required, (usually seven (7) years, for Tax purposes.) These records do not have any personally identifiable information on them, and each client is offered a duplicate of the receipt(s) we keep.
NOTE: AS of MAY 2020 we now accept payment via 'e'-transfer. We only keep a copy of the completed transaction record; everything else is deleted.

The personal information, (owner’s name, address & phone numbers) obtained may be used to send greeting cards or other important information from Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd.. This information will not come from or through third parties. PLEASE keep your file up-to-date, to aid us in sending out emergency messages.

Your private information, (registration form) is stored in a filing cabinet, and in our computer. The filing cabinet is not locked, but does not contain any financial records or copies, merely your registration form and indemnity waiver as well as copies of current vaccine records. This information will only be shared with other professionals (including but not limited to vet's, other daycares or walkers or authorities) with respect to giving your dog well-rounded care. Please be aware that if requested by 'court order' we will release your information to respective parties.

Photos of your pet, while they are attending the day care, (or programs offered through the day care), are taken strictly for entertainment purposes. We may use them for advertising purposes provided you have not requested us not to. Most photos will be used on our website, for entertainment.

We hope this statement vindicates Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. and calms any fears of what Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd. is doing with your personal information.
per Koda’s Legacy House Doggie Day Care Ltd.

Implemented: January 2004
Updated: January 2007
RE-Updated: September 2010
RE-Updated: October 2020
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