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Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999

Doggie Day Care Ltd.

Overnights Clarified

Your dog will enjoy a comfy night in our air-conditioned/forced heat home, stretched out on our bed, or one of the many dog-beds we have dotting the floor; or, if they prefer, the sofa, hardwood or vinyl. We do not crate or kennel dogs unless you/they prefer this. They'll get to play with their friends during the day!

This service is limited to regular clients ONLY. Owners need to provide pet's food, collar and leash; everything else is provided for you. (A coat for inclimate weather is suggested.)

Dogs need to arrive between 5-6 p.m. on the first night, and be retrieved before closing on the last night. If you need to bring them to the day care before 5 p.m., on the first day, extra-charges will apply. Also, if your pet will be staying over a holiday weekend, your pet must be brought in before we close for the holiday.

If you wish to retrieve your pet during a statutory holiday, prior arrangements must be made and a surcharge of $ 15 will apply.

CARD HOLDERS: $ 35.00/night, per dog
NON-CARD HOLDERS: $ 40.00/night, per dog
Half of the expected fee is due upon booking to confirm reservation. FULL payment is due 7-days before the first day/night.

Cancellations with less than 48-hours are charged one-half expected fee, plus a $ 35 cancellation fee.

Cancellations with less than 24-hours are charged the full expected fee.

NO REFUNDS or CREDIT for early return. Other rules apply, be SURE to check with us first.

Call 604-888-6752 for more information or to reserve your dog's holiday.

NOTE: "Overnight Convenience" service unavailable outside COLD-ZONE.
A different option for those living in our HOT-ZONE OR COLD-ZONE (per KM charges apply) who prefer their dog(s) sleep in their own home.

Your pet(s) will be enrolled in our ALL-DAY day care, and returned to your home between 6-9pm for the night.
A big savings if your family has two dogs.

For an additional charge of $ 25/night we can water your plants; feed your cats/fish/bird; (NO EXOTICS or RODENTS); clean 1-litter box; take out the trash; and a lot more... ASK US!
(Note: this additional service only available with OVERNIGHT CONVENIENCE PROGRAM.)

Overnight Convenience service CANNOT BEGIN on a SATURDAY, SUNDAY or OTHER HOLIDAY.

$ 50.00/night; one-dog
$ 60.00/night; two-dogs.
*CARD HOLDERS RECEIVE $ 5 discount/per night.

Note: If retrieving your dog on a holiday or Sunday, pre-arrangement must be made, and a surcharge of $ 15 will be assessed. Dogs must be retrieved no later than 5 p.m. on holidays.

Bark at us! (e-mail)