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Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999
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Rates and Services:
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added: Mar. 2007
If your pet is not spayed or neutered, and is over 7 months old, you must always call and reserve a spot. You will be able to reserve up to three (3) spots, one (1) week in advance, to a maximum of three (3) spaces in any week. NOTE: All unfixed pets will be monitored on an ongoing basis to confirm their continued participation in our programs.
added: Dec. 2006; UPDATED: May 2007; UPDATED: Aug. 2013
If you are unable to pick your pet up before normal closing time, you will be charged $ 10.00 per half-hour or portion. (Check the F.A.Q. page.)
added: Dec. 2006; UPDATED: June 2010; UPDATED: Aug. 2013
RESERVATIONS MANDATORY Half of the expected fee is due upon booking to confirm reservation. FULL payment is due 7-days before the first day/night. Cancellations with less than 48-hours are charged one-half expected fee, plus a $ 35 cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 24-hours are charged the full expected fee. NO REFUNDS or CREDIT for early return. (Click HERE to see how overnight fees are structured.)
UPDATED: Mar. 2007; UPDATED: June 2010; UPDATED: Aug. 2013; Corrected: Mar. 2015
We do NOT permit DROP-OFFS on or during a holiday weekend, (or on days we are closed). We still allow returns over holidays. A surcharge of $ 15, taxes incl., to retrieve your pet on days we are CLOSED.
UPDATED: Jan. 2008; UPDATED: June 2010; UPDATED: Aug. 2013
You will need to prepay a membership for your pet, with a guarantee of minimum 1-day per week participation in our programs. We accept Interac®, Visa®, MasterCard®, CASH, (CDN). We do NOT accept cheques. All accounts unsettled after 15-consecutive-days will be subject to an administration fee of $ 2 per calendar day past 15 days. NOTE: We no longer accept AmEx®.
added: Dec. 2006; UPDATED: June 2010; UPDATED: September 2010; UPDATED: Aug. 2013
Please remember we need to see verification of updated vaccines yearly. If your pet is over two months past due, (or you have received your third reminder notice), you will no longer be able to use our services until you verify they have been updated. (Titre (blood) Test is still acceptable, although you will need to confirm through your vet the adequacy of your pet's protection.)
Due to the nature of this virus, effective immediately (August 2008) we request your dog be vaccinated NASALLY, (in/up the nose) against this disease every SIX (6) months. Proof of compliance is required. Please note that if YOUR Veterinarian prefers, or suggests, the injection after you have requested the nasal version, we will still accept your pet in our day care, provided verification of the injection is shown.

All canines, more than 2-weeks overdue for this immunisation, will be turned away until it has been up-dated, and proof of update brought to us.

added: Dec. 2006; UP-DATED: Aug. 2008; UPDATED: July 2010; UPDATED: Aug. 2013
Please park in the driveway (on 204th) when possible. Please TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE! The fumes are obnoxious. Thank you for your cooperation in this. Please do NOT use your car-alarm, the noise annoys the neighbours. Please bring your dog in on a leash and as quietly as possible. Watch for school-children. Remember to SLOW DOWN through the park zone!
added: Dec. 2006; updated: Aug. 2007; re-updated: Sept. 2010
Saturday care is available by special consideration to FULL-DAY CARD HOLDERS ONLY.
added: Dec. 2006; UPDATED: Aug. 2013; UPDATED Sept. 2013
We request the dogs arrive before 9am and not get picked up until after 3pm to allow uninterrupted play.
added: Dec. 2006; updated: Sept. 2010; updated: Aug. 2013; updated: Apr. 2014.
As of October 29, 2007, we will be closing at 8 p.m..
added: Oct. 2007
Taxes are included in all our pricing options.
added: July 2010