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Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999 Your dog’s first visit to day care?
When do we come? What do we bring? What happens first? What happens if....?

Rest assured, it really is stress free! Our client’s owners (the human component) tell us that “They had NEVER thought of using a day care for their dog before, but someone suggested us and they thought they’d give us a try. And now they’re GLAD they did! They can go out without the guilt of leaving their dog alone for hours and hours (or days & days) without a walk!"

Even if you only want to use us for that ‘one big event’, you may find that we are so convenient and inexpensive that you find us indispensable. We have many repeat visits from those who only needed to use our service “just this one time”. Of course, if you find that you need full-time day care, we are here for that too! Five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. through until 8 p.m.; reservations required. Plus Saturday, 10am-6pm, if you are a card holder!

Before you bring your dog for their first visit, we suggest you stop by and pick up the registration forms in advance. It’s so much easier to do this without your dog, who would probably be tugging your arm out of the socket trying to get in here with all the other dogs, and you having to repeatedly tell them to, “Stop-it! Behave! Aaarrgggghhhhh!”

COVID-19: Click HERE for the updated instructions in how to register your dog during the current, and ongoing, pandemic.

For the registration we require a copy of your dog’s current vaccination record. Your pet must have their 'regular' vaccines, along with the Bordaetella, (Kennel or K-9 Cough), and Rabies vaccines. Bordaetella MUST be up-to-date and proof of compliance is required. Dogs who are more than 2 weeks overdue for this vaccine will not be admitted until proof is brought in. Discuss with your vet any extra vaccines they may feel are valuable in protecting your pet from diseases or illnesses. This is another reason we ask that you pre-register your pet; if these records, (that you were so SURE were up-to-date), don’t verify that the vaccines are current, you will have time to have them updated or to get the correct, current, copy of the record, without the frustration of telling your pet, “Sorry, you can’t play this time, but maybe next time.”

We have one form that we ask you to read and sign. Please, take it home and fill it in, and return with the completed form before, or on, your pet's first reserved visit.

The Registration:

This basically involves contact information; emergency info; and information about your pet specifically. You will need to have an emergency contact. This person does not necessarily need to be able to get to the day care ‘at-the-drop-of-a-hat’; this is more so that if you do not return to retrieve your pet, this person will most likely know the reason why, or be able to find out! (Ie: if you’ve been involved in an accident and are currently in the hospital, your emergency contact will be one of the first people in your circle of friends to know this. They should also be trusted by you to pick-up your dog, if it becomes necessary.)

You will also need your Veterinarian’s name, address and phone number. (This is usually on the front of the vaccine record.)

We prefer that your dog has been “Bob Barkered” (spayed or neutered.) If your pet has NOT been ‘altered’, (spayed or neutered), they will be allowed a 'test-visit', if they 'pass', they will be allowed to continue to come and be assessed periodically.

The Release portion:

This is the legal agreement between us and you. It tells you what you may be held responsible for, (financially, or other), and what we will accept responsibility for. We ask that you leave enough time to READ this form; being sure you understand it, before you sign it. There is no small print, it is straight forward without ‘legal-eze’. It protects you, your dog, us and our facility. (If you find the original print too small, we can enlarge the font for you.) We will also, upon request, provide a copy of this form to you for your records.

You will need to guarantee your pet's day-time participation at least once per week. We accept cash, 'e'-transfer; we do NOT accept cheques. Overnight Care is by reservation and must be pre-paid.

That’s it! Once your dog is registered, they may use all the programs and services offered, (unless they are, for some reason, excluded from participating.) You need to continue bringing in updated copies of your dog’s most recent vaccination record showing the vaccines have been ‘boosted’ each year. (Or provide a copy of a blood test once yearly, called a Titre Test, showing their natural immunity. NOTE: Owners preferring the Titre Test will still need Rabies vaccine and the Bordaetella vaccine/intra-nasal spray. Also note that the Titre Test numbers are arbitrary and do not accurately reflect your pet's protection against contracting or sharing one of the diseases regular vaccines protect against. If their numbers are adequate and satisfy your vet, they should be protected from getting/giving the diseases. Be sure to discuss this alternative method thoroughly with your vet to be positive you understand the risks.)

If this is your FIRST visit with your dog, we remind you to bring your pet in as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing the neighbourhood. We also ask that your dog be on a leash when coming in. The street gets very busy at times and we wish to avoid an 'escapee'.

Now, when we meet/greet your dog for the first time, we will perform a SIMPLE flea test, ensuring that they are flea free, and helping to keep our facility flea free as well. It is important your dog be on a flea prevention program of some kind; discuss this with your veterinarian.

Then, we will bring them in and slowly introduce them to other dogs. We clear an area, and allow your dog to sniff and snort their way around, getting used to the smells and sounds for the first few minutes. Next we let one dog in with your dog. After they are settled with that dog, we bring in another and another and so on until they are comfortable with a large group, then we open the doors and let ‘em go! This does not mean we let all the dogs play together. Small dogs and puppies may be kept separate, as well as older, more fragile dogs. We assess and continue to monitor and assess your dog to ensure a fun experience for all.

You may want to stay for this introduction, but we recommend that you don’t. (“Why?!?” you ask, indignant.) Your dog will be more concerned with where you are and what you are up to and we may not get an accurate ‘read’ on your dog. Also, if you offer suggestions, while well meaning, you might be very insulted if we don’t take your advice, after all, it IS your dog. However, we know the OTHER dogs, and we have to see the whole picture. We will give you an honest report following your pet’s visit, be it their first ‘free visit’ or their 400th visit.

We will also try to take a lot of photos so you will have visual evidence of your pet’s first day at day care! (NOTE: Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to get as many photos as we’d like due to unforseen occurrences such as a dead battery or a full memory card, (or hitting delete by mistake; or having the pups haul the tripod over and cracking the lens...), but we do try!) Also note these photos are being displayed on our Google+ account, Flower's Circle; see the photo page (link below) for information on how to view the photos. NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE HAVING ISSUES IS DISPLAYING OUR PHOTOS. WE ARE WORKING ON IT.

For your pet’s first (and subsequent) full or half-day, we suggest that you supply a small amount of food as a snack for them. Depending on their age and motion abilities, they could become quite hungry and need a little ‘pick-me-up’ in the afternoon. Most puppies need something, especially if they are here for more than 6 or 8 hours. (It is MANDATORY that for puppies under 12-months you supply daily snacks for them.) It does not need to be a large amount of food, and indeed, unless you request us not to, we will monitor the amount your dog gets as a snack, and if we notice a rotund dog, we will cut back on the amount we serve them at snack time. It is not mandatory that your older pet get a snack. If you would prefer not to send a snack, this is ok too. Your dog may think otherwise. We have four feeding times per day; 7:00am; 11:30am; 3:00pm; 7:30pm; but we can accommodate your pet's schedule, just inform us what it is!

The dogs play and rest throughout the day as they desire. With a scheduled nap-time between 12:45-3pm. No pick-ups or drop-offs permitted during this time.

When picking up your dog, for the first few times, you may be asked to provide photo ID. This is just to protect your dog, eventually we will recognize you, (even though you have only two feet and change your clothes all the time!) If you ever need to send someone else to pick up your dog, make SURE you call us to let us know, and remind that person they will need to bring photo ID with them or we will NOT release the dog, (and this could involve extra charges to you, so ensure they have PHOTO ID!) Also, if there are changes to your marital status, and there is a problem with one spouse picking up the dog, we request that you give us a letter, signed and dated, to the effect that the other spouse may no longer pick up your pet. We will make every attempt to comply with this request.

Now, what should you expect after your pet’s first full day at day care?

A tired pup! They will probably be so tired they have trouble staying awake to eat their supper! They may not wake up throughout the night. You may even have trouble getting them up the next day! Don’t worry. Even though we monitor them all the time, if they are having a great time, they tend to overdue it the first few times they come. Their stamina will build. (Of course, some dogs have so much energy that even though they play non-stop, they are still buzzing by the end of the day. We try to rest these dogs more often for short periods, so they will learn how to ‘relax’.) Hopefully, within a short period of time, your dog will get excited and start thumping their tail when you mention that they’re going to ‘puppy day care!’

And last things...

To book for overnight care you must first check with us to see if your dog is eligible for this service, (most registered clients are), then it is recommended that you book as soon as you know the dates you'll be requiring this service. RESERVATIONS MANDATORY. Half of the expected fee is due upon booking to confirm reservation. FULL payment is due 7-days before the first day/night. Cancellations with less than 48-hours are charged one-half expected fee, plus a $35 cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 24-hours are charged the full expected fee. NO REFUNDS or CREDIT for early return. (Click HERE to see how overnight fees are structured.)

Overnight Care is done in our home, (same place as the day care) where the dogs have free reign of our almost 2000 sq. ft. house, and approx. one-eighth acre of fenced green space. We have bedding, dishes and toys, so you only send food (enough for at least one more day than your dog will be staying. MEASURE CAREFULLY!!! More is better than too little!), and anything your dog cannot live without. (Ie: If they will NOT go to sleep without a specific blanket, please, send it. If, however, they do not need ‘things’ please, don’t send them.) A handler is with your pet at ALL times, they are NEVER left on their own. We do not garner your trust and then crate your dog while we go out for the evening. You have trusted us to take care of your dog; that’s what we do.

If your pet is on a RAW-FOOD diet, please pre-package EACH meal seperately, labelled with their name. Plastic freezer storage bags work fine.

So, that’s the scoop. We hope this helps you in deciding to send your pet to day care. We look forward to meeting them!

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