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Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999 New &/or Updated Information:
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Q: Where is Koda's Legacy House located?
A: 20409 - 89a Avenue. Phone number - 604-888-6752.

Q: What time are you open? (What are your hours?)
A: Koda's Legacy House is open, BY RESERVATION, 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturdays, 10am - 6pm, BY Special Request, Card Holders ONLY.

Q: What happens if I make a reservation, and fail to keep it?
A: If you call 24-hours in advance to cancel, nothing. If you do not call to cancel, you will be charged a visit, as if you had shown.

Q: Are you open on Saturday?
A: Pre-registered clients, by special request, only.

Q: How much does day care cost?
A: See our Services and Fees page. Minimum weekly attendance required.

Q: I'm still a little confused about why I need to arrive before 10am?
A: Dogs must have confirmed reservations and arrive at the day care before 10am to prevent constantly needing to introduce a 'new' dog to the party. When constant interruption occurs the dogs are less relaxed and more anxious. We try to have the dogs in by 10am and not picked up until after 3pm. We can accommodate exceptions with advance notice.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: With COVID & Variants, currently, we accept CASH, or 'e'-transfer. We do NOT accept cheques.

Q: What happens if I am late (after closing) when picking up my dog?
A: You will be charged overtime fees.
Each half hour (30 minutes) OR PORTION beyond normal closing time is $10.00
If we do not hear from you within one-hour after closing we will assume your dog is overnighting with us. (Please note: This can cause major space issues if we are already full with overnighters.)

If your dog is forced to overnight with us (if, for whatever reason, you have not contacted us within one-hour of our normal closing time) you will incur the following charges:
the daily charge plus:
$20 - The overtime rate, 2 x 30 minutes, ($10 for card-holders)
$40 - The overnight fee ($35 for card-holders)
Should you not return, and we have not heard from you or are unable to reach any of your contacts, we will continue to treat your pet as an overnighter. You will be charged $40, ($35 for card-holders), per day, plus food, (NOTE: If you are able to PROVE a PERSONAL emergency prevented you from contacting us, we will discuss and POSSIBLY amend the fee(s) owed when we ARE contacted.)
Food - $2/$4 per cup. (If needed to be purchased, will depend on stores open, and we will purchase the smallest amount available of their/your brand (which you will be responsible to reimburse us for)); otherwise they will be fed supper, breakfast & snacks of Purina One, Lamb & Rice Formula Adult Dog Chow at the rate of $2 per cup; OR Royal Canin, Gastrointestinal, at $4 per cup, amount determined by bag label portions. (Normally 1-4 cups per feeding, depending on size/age/activity level of dog.)

Q: What do I need to show so my dog can start enjoying your facility?
A: We need verification of your dog's vaccines. (Distemper / Adenovirus (type2) / Parainfluenza / Leptospirosis / Parvovirus / Coronavirus - note some are optional, some are not.) They must be up-to-date and include Rabies vaccine and the Bordaetella (Kennel or K-9 Cough) vaccine or intra-nasal sparay.
Please Note: When you bring these records for verification we need to be able to see EITHER the date the vaccine(s) were administered OR the date they are due to be re-vaccinated. (Remember, if you can't see the date; we can't see the date. Check carefully before coming in.) We need a 'paper copy' the first time, not an e-mailed version.

Q: I've lost the vaccine record for my pet. Now what?
A: Contact the vet you had the vaccines administered at, they can give you a copy of the record. (Note: If they e-mail it to you, please have a copy printed to bring to us.)

Q: We've just moved here from Timbuktu, (& didn't bring our pet's records), how do we get our pet's records?
A: Call the vet and ask them to fax it to you. (Note: Please have a copy printed to bring to us.)

Q: We can't remember the vet who did the vaccines. Now what?
A: You can take your dog to a vet of your choice, and either have them re-administer the vaccines, (not recommended unless you KNOW they haven't been done in over a year), or ask them to perform a Titre (blood) Test which will show which anti-bodies your pet is still protected against, and which ones need 'boosting'. Bring the results to us as verification, along with any notes your new vet may wish to include. PLEASE be aware that the Titre Test does NOT have a standard, (and therefore cannot guarantee protection) and you need to feel comfortable that your dog is protected, and is protecting the other pets at day care; discuss with your Vet any and all concerns over this test to be sure you adequately understand what it means.

Q: We have a puppy who has just had their first set of vaccines. When can they start coming to day care?
A: Immediately! Although we recommend you discuss this with your vet to be sure you are aware of the risks. You must continue getting the vaccines, and proof of all sets of puppy vaccines is required on a vet recommended schedule.

Q: Can my dog come even though they're not 'fixed' (ie.: spayed or neutered)?
A: Yes, BUT - We prefer your pet to be "Bob Barkered" (spayed or neutered). However, some folks do not want to do this, and, so, for the present, we are still accepting un-'fixed' pets. It will be on a 'First-come' 'First-served' basis, which means that if an UN-spayed female is here, an UN-neutered male will be turned away for that day, and vice-versa. The exception is for puppies 7 months old or younger, they will not be turned away because they aren't 'fixed'. Un-fixed pets may reserve up to one week in advance, with a maximum of 3 days in any one week.
NOTE: Un-fixed dogs will be tested on an ongoing basis for temperament and may be precluded from attending if they continue to show aggressive 'humping' tendencies. Females may NOT attend day care two-weeks prior to, during, and two-weeks following their heat cycle.

Q: My puppy isn't 'house-broken' yet, can they come to day care?
A: Absolutely! We will help them learn where they should be going to the bathroom, and clean up any messes they create.

Q: My older dog is incontinent at times, will this be a problem?
A: Not for us! As long as your pet has been checked by a Vet and has been certified healthy, they are welcome! We will clean them up and help them retain their dignity.

Q: How many staff members do you have?
A: One full time. One casual.

Q: How do you discipline the dogs?
A: Depending on how many times in a given moment we have had to correct a dog, they will either be given 'the finger', (NOT what you're thinking! We wag our finger at them to let them know they've done wrong!) or they will be placed in a room for five minutes of separation. If they continue their antics, they are separated for longer periods. For 'group' infractions we shake a tin filled with pennies, or use a spray of water; both of which are equally effective in stopping the unwanted behaviour. (Mostly because they like to 'drink' the water!) Time-outs and being placed on a leash are also quite effective in correcting unwanted behaviour! There's also stress-relief 'shouting' at the wind; they sometimes listen to that.

Q: Do you crate the dogs?
A: No. We have donated all our crates to L.A.P.S.

Q: Don't the dogs fight?
A: Yes, occasionally. Some come in with an attitude which quickly gets adjusted! (Especially when they see what fun they could be having!) There have been a few spats, which have been dealt with, but by and large, the dogs just want to have fun! NOTE: Pet's who continue to perform aggressively will be sent home and are no longer able to participate in the day care.

Q: What do you do if a dog starts a fight?
A: Separate them instantly. (Then we check for injuries.) We call owners if warranted. Dogs who continually show this type of behaviour will be reassessed and we will discuss with owners what options are available.

Q: What if my dog injures another dog? Or their dog injures mine?
A: Everyone signs a legal form when they register agreeing to be responsible for any damages caused by their pet. So, if your dog injured another dog, you would be responsible for recompensing the other owner and vice-versa. If the situation is deemed to have been caused by a gross mismanagement on our part, we will take FULL responsibility and recompense both parties vet bills. (Should the "responsible" owner be unwilling to pay your costs, they will be released from the day care and we will cover your expenses.)

Q: What emergency procedures do you have in place?
A: With respect to emergency Vet care, we use/recommend Dr. J. Snyder, Small Creatures Pet Clinic, 604-888-6123; Dr. K. Corfield, Yorkson Creek Veterinary Hospital, 604-510-7387; Dr. N. Michie, Central Langley Pet Hospital, 604-514-1225; as well as the Animal Emergency Clinic (24/7), 604-514-1711, in Langley City for 'after or before' hour emergencies. We have taken Pet First Aid, through the St. John's Ambulance course.

Q: Do you offer formal pet training classes?
A: No. We will work with your pet, to assist in potty training as well we will offer tips if you ask about specific training issues. We HIGHLY recommend Pet Smart® as, no matter where you are, if there's a store, their training is consistent! (And you can transfer your training sessions from one store to another! (Usually))

Q: Do you offer overnight care or boarding?
A: Yes, but your dog must be a regular attendee of the day care for Overnight Care.

Q: Why?
A: Because we do NOT crate or kennel dogs, and we need to be sure they will respect us and the other dogs, as well as the cat we have. Plus, they will enjoy their stay more if they are already used to being in a noisy, constantly moving environment.

Q: Do you allow Pit Bulls? Bull dogs? Staffordshires? Or other 'Bully-Breeds'?
A: While we would love to say yes, unfortunately we have to say no. Insurance is just too cost prohibitive. Occasionally we may take a puppy, but for the most part we need to say no. Also any dogs who have been branded a 'dangerous dog' by the authorities are not able to attend. This is because the rules and regulations designed to restrict this type of dog's movements are beyond our financial ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the animal. NOTE: Rottweilers are NOT a bully breed (in our humble opinion).

Q: Are you looking to hire anyone?
A: No. Sorry. As a family-run business, we have all the supply of labour we require.

Q: Do you take volunteers or offer work experience for students?
A: No, again, sorry.

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