Koda's Legacy House

Doggie Day Care Ltd.

Our beloved Koda, 1981-1999

With COVID-19 & Variants things are a little strange in how we (have to) operate.


- Contact areas are sprayed routinely with sanitiser & wiped periodically with disinfecting wipes.
- Masks are mandatory, for now & the foreseeable future.
- 6-foot/2-metre or further distancing IS required.
- If someone is standing in the enclosed 'pick-up zone', we request that waiting clients stand back from the gate to allow distancing when entering and leaving. Please respect this.
- Hand sanitiser is available, if you wish. SUPERVISE CHILDREN.
- Do NOT pet a dog that is not yours.
- With COVID-19 & variants, currently, the payment methods we accept are cash and e-transfer.


We have Part (under 5hrs) or Full Days (over 5hrs) available, and we request a minimum of one visit per week.

You & your pup can opt to do a 1-1/2hr First-Time, Free-Visit, (available Mon-Wed-Fri, 10am-11:30am, by reservation ONLY), if you'd like. You will need to register, & confirm up-to-date vaccines first, which must include Rabies & Bordaetella (aka: K9 Cough; Kennel Cough). Check with your vet for the recommended yearly vaccines. We also accept Titre Tests, if numbers are sufficient, although Bordaetella & Rabies are mandatory.

Call, 604-888-6752, to arrange to pick up a registration form (not available online) and then return the completed form (along with a 'physical' copy of the up-to-date vaccine record) and we can arrange your first visit. Again, this First-Time/Free-Visit is not mandatory and is for your comfort; your k9 may start with a part or full-day the first time in, if you feel comfortable with that option. NOTE: Due to a large expected influx of dogs in September 2021 we are requesting ALL new canines take advantage of this 1-1/2hr visit. Thx.

Even with relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, due to variants, we are not permitting 'human' clients inside, which can be anxiety causing because you are asking us, strangers, to look after your baby without verifying you are comfortable with the facility. We understand. We KNOW this is awkward, as you are trusting us to honour our commitment to taking care of your dog without any proof that we are not kennelling or crating; they have free reign of the house, including access to the back yard, and central air conditioning for those intolerably hot summer days! Because of COVID-19, & variants, we feel the need to continue to keep our facility Covid & Variant free. All we can assure you is that we have been in business since 2003 and have not changed our care practise: we love your pet as if they were our own, and care for them in a way that is consistent with being a loved-family member. (IE: Ya, we probably spoil them.)

Discipline is handled by time-outs; repeat disciplinary actions result in working with you, the owner, to assess the situation and come up with a plan to help your pet overcome their issue. There is always a handler onsite, your pet is precious to us and we would never leave them alone. Now, having said that, we may be in the WC or another room, but we are ALWAYS on site!

We do have nap/quiet time between 12:45-3pm, weekdays, but you are welcome to call us, 604-888-6752, to stop by weekdays, before 6pm to pick up a registration form, (avoiding nap time, of course). Please call or ring the bell to let us know when you arrive, so we can pop our head out the door and say, 'hi!'.

Again, not the best way to do business, but we are immune compromised, so we can't take the liberties of chance.

Bark at us! (e-mail)